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Lately I’ve been into pairing links. Here’s another confronting misguided “faith in the prospect of a better future” in the face of almost guaranteed discomfort and misfortune.

A Campfire post from The Oil Drum: Is There Any Silver Lining to a Collapse Scenario? and Daydreams of Destruction, a dose of reality from The Archdruid. I admit to being seduced by the fantasies he’s critiquing.

Gazprom, the world’s largest “producer” of natural gas and Russia’s biggest company, has been in the news a lot lately. I especially like the pairing of these two reports:

Intrigue over Russia's Versailles. The gas giant is rumored to be funding the construction of this lavish palace outside Moscow. If it isn’t burned to the ground by an angry mob, it’ll make an amazing ruin.

Gazprom concern at Ukraine bill.

Trevor Paglen, a visual artist and writer with interests overlapping my own.

BP in 'giant' new oil discovery. Every time an announcement like this is made, euphoria descends upon Wall Street and the suits roll around on the ground in fits of ecstatic rapture (BP stock up 4.3%). Hey guys, is it cool if we just leave that primeval atmospheric pollutant (safely sequestered) right where it is?

Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse? It should be pretty clear with whom I side on this one. Image by Jessica Lah.

The Archdruid comments on the dialogue then takes a step beyond.

Temporary Recession or the End of Growth? A new essay by Richard Heinberg. Image by Justin Berg

Dropping out in the 21st century. Paul Sullivan asks: “Is it really possible to rebel or ‘drop out’ in any meaningful way?”

After the fall. The Economist’s schizophrenic take on global trade.

Forget Shorter Showers. Derrick Jensen explains why “personal change doesn’t equal social change."

Another Orlov lecture. It's comforting to find myself already living by the six precepts he lays out in section 27.

ABC News produced this 2-hour special that aired on June 2. Noteworthy for its inclusion of ideas rarely covered by the mainstream media.

Dmitry Orlov: Social Collapse Best Practices. I absolutely love this guy. A fantastic hour long speech.

So here's the plan to get things growing again.

This essay by Charles Eisenstein does an excellent job laying out the fundamental economic premises upon which this project is based.

Scenes from the recession. Yes, by all means, stop building stuff.

The IMF and World Bank are both predicting global economic contraction in 2009.
This guy is mostly into tunnels and storm drains but has taken some really seductive shots of decomissioned power plants.
The Center for Land Use Interpretation's current exhibition in Houston: Texas Oil: Landscape of an Industry.
This government site has a bunch of good maps with approximate locations for California energy infrastructure. I've been using them to help me select sites to visit.
The Illuminated Thread Stage Two is dedicated to the memory of Kirsten Brydum.
Found this article on BBC. Imagine how amazing Dubai will be when the half-built city of the future is left to blow away in the desert.